KUMON Group Environmental Philosophy

In order to solve global environmental problems it is necessary to combine the knowledge of people from all around the world. The Kumon Group strives to develop individuals who will make a contribution to society. Accordingly, the Kumon Group believes that one of our core values is to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations in regard to solving global environmental problems.

The Kumon Group views the preservation of the global environment as an important challenge to be met as we carry out our business activities. We will incorporate this environmentally-friendly vision into our business planning and will work on a permanent basis to protect our precious planet and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

KUMON Group Environmental Policy

The Kumon Group will endeavor, throughout all our business activities, to conserve natural resources and to preserve the natural environment through the development of human resources.

  1. The Kumon Group will strive to recognize how our business activities affect the environment. We will work to conserve energy and resources, as well as to carry out recycling, in order to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Our overriding aim is to prevent damage to the environment and to reduce pollution.
  2. The Kumon Group will work together with associated parties and business partners in order to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. At the same time, we will act positively to protect the environment by promoting activities aimed at forest regeneration.
  3. The Kumon Group will operate in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in all of the countries and regions in which we have business activities, and will permanently work to preserve the environment.
  4. The Kumon Group will strive to make each and every Kumon Associate more aware of environmental issues through educational and consciousness-raising activities. At the same time, as a responsible corporate citizen, we will make information related to the environment publicly available.

Annual Usage Statistics

Compared to fiscal year 2018, there was an increase of 1.6% in electricity consumption. Kumon North America promotes the reduction of electricity usage to reduce greenhouse gases and prevent global warming. Simple activities to reduce energy usage are practiced by all Associates, such as adjusting thermostats, turning off lights in empty rooms and conserving power on electronic equipment.

*Fiscal year is from April 1 – March 31

CO2 Emissions increased by 8.4% from fiscal year 2018. The majority of greenhouse gases emitted by Kumon North America is generated by electricity. Therefore, the volume of our CO2 emissions relates to electricity used.

Emissions increased 10% compared with 2017.

*Fiscal year is from April 1 – March 31

There was a 5.3% increase in paper used compared to fiscal year 2018. Kumon North America promotes the reduction of paper usage to preserve forest resources. Kumon Associates practice the use of electronic documents, paperless meetings, double‐sided printing, and optimization of the layout of documents.

*Fiscal year is from April 1 – March 31

Kumon North America promotes the collection and recycling of paper. The amount of paper recycled in 2019 decreased by 7.8% compared to fiscal year 2018.

*Fiscal year is from April 1 – March 31