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5 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Supplemental Homeschool Program

Homeschooling your child is probably a decision that didn’t come without heavy consideration. Researching a curriculum likely took hours of research to find a program that fit your child’s needs. Now, you are thinking about additional learning programs to supplement and further enrich your children’s homeschool routine, but may not be sure where to start.  

Since homeschooling your child is a full-time commitment, you want to ensure that the supplemental homeschool program you’re seeking has a curriculum that’s individualized and built for your child. It’s also important to consider a program that will allow continuous learning opportunities that can unlock their true potential. This will ultimately set your child up for lifelong success in and out of the classroom.

Here are five things to consider when choosing a supplemental homeschool program:

1. Is the program individualized for your child?

Every child has their own unique abilities, which is why the best learning programs are individualized. Since all children learn differently, it’s important to find a program that is individualized specifically for your child’s development. It is also beneficial to find a program that allows children to advance at their own pace. Some children need a little more time to fully learn a concept, while other children are ready to advance before their peers. Every child is different and that’s why an individualized program is critical.

The Kumon Math and Reading Program is a great individualized program that allows children to progress at their own comfortable pace. Also, rather than progressing through a workbook that is designed for a specific age or grade, or passively learning from a tutor, kids work through a dedicated curriculum that is based on their individual math and reading needs. You can be sure your child is learning material that will be the most beneficial to them.

2. Does the program focus on retaining knowledge and not just memorizing for a test?

Having a strong academic foundation means fully understanding and retaining knowledge, not just memorizing content for a test. A supplemental homeschool program that ensures children have the daily practice to fully master and retain core math and reading concepts is how they can achieve this strong foundation.

With the Kumon Program, children practice math and reading concepts daily for 30 minutes a day each subject. Before kids can advance to the next concept, they must show signs of mastery or redo the work until they figure out how to correct it. This method ensures they fully understand concepts and prevents learning gaps so they are confident with the material.

3. Are there opportunities for accelerated learning?

Children have the potential to achieve extraordinary things with Kumon. 7-year-olds reading at a fifth-grade level, 11-year-olds doing algebra –  both of these instances are not unusual in Kumon because children work at their own pace and are never limited by their age or grade. Advancing based on ability allows for accelerated learning and unlocks true learning potential.

4. Does the program offer flexibility?

Becoming proficient in core subjects like math and reading will give your children the opportunity to focus on other subjects and extracurricular activities. A program that offers flexibility and seamlessly integrates into your homeschool routine can help your child free up more time to do so.

Kumon Math and Reading Centers across the country offer in-person and virtual classes. The short incremental assignments take just 30 minutes per day per subject, so they can be added to your academic curriculum schedule without interrupting the other material they are working on.

5. Does the program help your child develop more than just book smarts?

The strongest supplemental programs don’t just focus on academics and book smarts. They set out to develop strong study habits and motivation to continue learning that will benefit children in all areas of their life.

Kumon Students not only learn to master math, reading, and writing skills – they also gain confidence, improve concentration, develop perseverance, and learn to be self-sufficient, setting themselves up for a lifetime of success.

The Takeaway

When adding in a supplemental homeschool program into your homeschool routine, whether it be for filling in learning gaps or as a form of enrichment, it’s imperative to look at what each program offers. These factors will benefit your child’s academic success while also helping them develop lifelong skills such as confidence and independence. Learn more about how Kumon can supplement your homeschool routine.