Go Beyond Tutoring with Kumon’s In-Center and Virtual Classes

Go Beyond Tutoring with Kumon’s In-Center and Virtual Classes

Baseball practice on Tuesday. Dance class on Thursday. Swim lessons on Saturday. As parents, we have the common task of shuttling our kids from place to place, so when it comes to our calendars, flexibility is key! Considering that the Kumon Math and Reading Program is one of the smartest extracurricular activities we can give our children, it was important for us to offer our parents flexibility. Now, there are even more opportunities to learn with Kumon’s virtual classes.

With Kumon’s in-center and virtual classes, you have:

  • Convenience to fit your schedule
  • Easy access to an individualized curriculum and proven learning method
  • Flexibility to study in-person or at home

Seamless Progress In-Person or Online

Students study approximately 30 minutes per subject every day and attend class one to two times per week, either in-person at the Center or by attending one of our virtual classes via videoconference. Whether you choose to have your child attend classes at the Kumon Center, study from home, or a combination of the two, we prioritize seamless progress.

What are Kumon’s Virtual Classes?

During Kumon’s virtual classes, students complete their Kumon worksheets at home while under the observation of Center staff through a videoconferencing platform. Similar to our physical classroom, the purpose of our virtual classes is to observe students while working, give guidance when needed, share feedback on work, and provide the structure and motivation for successful progress.

It’s Self-Learning, Not Tutoring

One thing you’ll notice is that in the virtual classroom, the camera will most often be pointed at your child’s worksheet. Unlike tutoring, where a teacher is giving information to the student, you child’s Kumon Instructor is observing how they complete their work in order to provide specific guidance. The goal of the Kumon Method is, above all, to teach students to learn independently.

The Kumon Math Program

From counting to calculus and beyond, the Kumon Math Program enables students to progress all the way through high school level math. Our individualized worksheet lesson plan allows students to develop valuable math skills, such as mental calculation and how to calculate quickly and accurately. 

The Kumon Reading Program

The Kumon Reading Program is designed to build the critical reading skills that help children develop a lifelong love of reading—and a solid foundation for academic success. From fairy tales to Shakespeare, the Kumon Reading Program will take your child from learning letter sounds to reading high school level literary texts. 

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