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Kumon is Better Than Tutoring and Here’s Why

A common question about the Kumon Math and Reading Program is “how is Kumon different than tutoring?” The short answer is Kumon isn’t tutoring. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the better option. Tutoring is this seemingly all-encompassing term for academic support, but it’s only a small piece of the learning puzzle.

You might think to yourself, “a tutor is going to sit with my child and work one-on-one. That must be the best option since class sizes are so big.” Yes, one-on-one support can absolutely help a child catch up when they’ve fallen behind.

However, one semester or even one year of tutoring pale in comparison to the overall importance of developing strong long-term study skills. The ‘big picture’ – that is what Kumon looks at.

Kumon builds skills through daily practice

Kumon Students progress independently through a carefully crafted, daily worksheet-based math and/or reading curriculum. Regardless of their age, students move at their own pace, which means many children end up studying far beyond their school grade level.

Kumon was designed as a home-based program, so most of a child’s work will be completed at home. That’s because the consistent daily study is the key to building skills and habits that stick. Seeing a tutor once or twice a week means the potential for loss of learning in between. Just 15 to 30 minutes of work each day can go a long way!

While Kumon Instructors are there to guide your child, students ultimately develop self-learning skills, learning primarily on their own as they tackle each successive daily assignment.

It is a worksheet-based program that can be done anywhere

There are a ton of learning apps and online resources available and over the past couple of years, parents have had to increasingly rely on technology to supplement their child’s education. Technology has its merits, particularly in that it is highly convenient. But while technology can aid in the delivery of information, is that really where learning happens?

Kumon offers ‘virtual classes’, and the reason they aren’t referred to as ‘online classes’ is specifically because they shouldn’t be confused with a typical online class. The purpose of the virtual class is for the student to experience the benefits of Kumon instruction from wherever they are, but that doesn’t mean the learning happens through a screen.

The Kumon Method is all about the relationship between the student, the worksheets, and the Instructor’s guidance. The virtual class is just a window. It allows the instructor the ability to observe the child and provide just the right amount of feedback so that the child can complete their work independently.

The overall goal remains the same: to teach self-learning skills. Classroom size isn’t as big a deal when you have the confidence and the know-how to find the answers on your own!