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How Is Kumon Different Than Tutoring?

Throughout the school year, there may be times when your child struggles to grasp some of the material they come across. Whether your child comes home with a bad grade on a report card or on a test, you’re unsure how to help them. Instead of a quick fix like most tutoring options, you want to get to the root of the problem. Kumon can help!

First, check out this video to learn more about What Makes Kumon Different. This will give you a brief introduction before we dive into the details of what exactly Kumon is and why it’s different from tutoring or any other academic program.

What is Kumon?

Kumon is an after-school math and reading program designed for students ages preschool through high school. The Kumon Instructor designs an individualized worksheet-based lesson plan that students complete at their own pace. As they progress independently, they will fill any gaps in their learning and can even advance beyond grade level. The Kumon Program will ensure they build a foundation in both math and reading while allowing them to develop the ability to learn on their own.

How does Kumon Fix the Root of the Problem?

When parents seek a tutor for their child, they typically are hoping for quick results. While this may get their child a passing grade on their next test, they may not be confident in their ability to continue with the same ease on previous or new concepts moving forward. For example, a student struggling with long division may conceptually understand the process but if they never learned to subtract properly, they’ll end up with the wrong answer. This can be seen in various studies when students lack the foundation to build new knowledge from.

In Kumon, each student begins by taking a placement test. This will help identify a comfortable starting point to introduce how the program works and begin building study habits. New concepts are presented gradually to allow students to feel confident with the material before moving onto something new. While two students may begin at the same level on the same day, their workload will vary as their pace and abilities differ. 

Independence and Self-Learning Skills are Developed

Kumon Students develop independence and the ability to learn how to learn, or what we refer to as self-learning skills! In early levels, they build focus and speed while learning the importance of consistency. Students continue through the levels gradually to solidify their knowledge on each concept. By investing time daily on the worksheets, students see that they can achieve 100% in a subject that may have always been difficult for them. This helps them become more confident to overcome challenges they may not have been comfortable attempting in the past.

The Program Unlocks Unlimited Learning Potential

The goal of Kumon is for students to study above grade level once they have filled the gaps in their learning. The Kumon Math and Reading Program provides examples on worksheets that help students to see how to solve problems. This allows them to work independently and at their own comfortable pace.

When Should You Consider a Tutor?

As students advance through the program, they often find that schoolwork becomes easier in the subject they are studying, as well as in other school classes. This is because their newly developed study skills and ability to self-learn provides them more time to focus on other subjects that may need more attention. Therefore, continued study in the program can unlock each student’s learning potential!

If you have limited time for your child to learn a new skill, a tutor might be a good place to start. For example, if your child has a test in a couple weeks that they need to pass, a tutor can tailor their instruction to the specific topic. If you’re looking to prepare your child to excel on the SATs, a test prep course may be a better option because it focuses on the concepts and structure in a similar fashion.

Kumon isn’t a quick fix. The program takes time and dedication, but the results are worth it. Through consistent study, your child will begin to excel in their academics and build mental growth skills, such as independence and confidence, to help them succeed in life! Read more information about the differences between Kumon and tutoring.

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