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Advantages of Handwriting

Advantages of handwriting used by student to complete a worksheet on thier desk

Handwriting is an essential part of life, and proves to improve memory, concentration, accountability, and more. Encouraging your child to write things down can be very beneficial, as children are more likely to remember what they’ve handwritten and its context. Now, lets take a look at the advantages of handwriting.

Below are six ways that you can encourage your child to handwrite and how they can benefit from each:




Whether it’s homework assignments, chores, or birthdays, it’s important to write down reminders. It helps with memorization, accountability, and responsibility. Once they write a reminder down, it is much harder to forget.



Tracing letters and numbers:

Students begin practicing letters and numbers at an early age. The Kumon Pencil Skills level is meant to compliment the Kumon Math and Reading material. Whether they practice at home or at Kumon, handwriting positively influences reading, writing, language and critical thinking.




A list may include what projects pending completion, places to visit, or supplies to purchase. Lists help people stay organized and productive. Try organizing the list by category or priority.


Class notes:

Handwritten class notes are essential for memory and concentration. It limits distractions that come with other note-taking methods while also helping with comprehension, especially lessons on what things are and how it works.



Writing is an essential part of learning that aids with comprehension and understanding. The Kumon Math and Reading Program is entirely worksheet-based and is composed of handwritten assignments. Handwriting allows for organized thoughts, authenticity, and even reading skills. Since the brain is consistently at work, it enhances both literacy and reading comprehension.



Writing is important for expression. Boost your child’s self-awareness by encouraging them to use a diary or notebook to write how they feel and what they’re experiencing. Writing creates a safe space for honesty, relief, and comfort. It can also be something special to refer to in the future.


In the end, one of the biggest advantages of handwriting is that it making it easier to recall topics covered and what was learned. Overall, it’s a proactive technique that allows your child to retain knowledge and thrive in all aspects of life.