Summer Writing: Help Your Child Stay on Track With Writing This Summer

Summer Writing: Help Your Child Stay on Track With Writing This Summer

a student writes with a pencil in his workbook

The summer season is officially in full swing! In between the fun-filled days of swimming, exploring, and playing, there are so many exciting learning opportunities right at our fingertips. Last month we provided you with easy tips to help your child stay on track with reading. Now we’re going to focus on how to help your child stay on track with writing this summer.  

Start a Summer Journal 

Maintaining a journal is not only an easy way to practice writing skills, but it will also be a dedicated space for your child to store all of their favorite memories from the summer. From family vacations to discovering new skills, your child can write about everything they have experienced.

To give them inspiration for their writing, you can even give them various prompts to spark their creativity: 

  • What was your favorite moment on our family vacation to the beach? 
  • What are you most excited to do this summer? 
  • What is something new you learned this summer? 

You read so many fun books this summer! Write about your favorite one. 

Find a Summer Pen Pal 

Whether it’s a friend or family member who lives near or far, have your child find a pen pal to exchange handwritten letters with throughout the summer months – or even beyond! Make it fun by purchasing personalized stationery, postcards, colorful paper, or stickers. Your child will be so excited to send out their letter and just as excited when they receive a letter from their pen pal. It can be fun to exchange letters on fun facts about one another, summer adventures, and so much more.  

Writing Lists

While writing a list may seem simple, it’s still a great way to practice writing skills. Lists can be comprised of a variety of different topics from having your child help plan out a vacation itinerary, a list of goals for the upcoming school year, or even a scavenger hunt list.  

Enrichment Programs 

Enrolling your child in an Enrichment Program will keep them consistent, disciplined, and on track over the summer. At Kumon, we believe practice makes possibilities. This summer, help your child pick up where they left off and begin to practice through the Kumon Method. Not only will you see your child stay on track with writing, but it will prepare them for the new school year ahead.