Help your Child Stay on Track with Math This Summer

Help your Child Stay on Track with Math This Summer

Child with calculator

In previous posts, we shared how to stay on track with reading and writing over the next few months. Now we’re highlighting how to help your child stay on track with math this summer by implementing a few simple tactics into your routine.


Find fun ways to incorporate math into everyday life.


There are many ways that math can be exemplified to kids to show how math is utilized in everyday life. Whether it’s sorting pieces of candy and conducting simple math problems, eating a slice of pie and creating fractions, or even baking with measuring cups and spoons, we can find math all around us.


Incorporate math-based games.


It’s no secret that kids love to play video games.  It keeps them stimulated and entertained. A math-based video game allows them to become excited about math and eager to learn more about the subject. If they’re looking for screen-free options, there’s also a ton of fun math-themed dice and card games to try.


Reverse the roles


Stay on track with math this summer by trying to encourage your child to teach you the math they’re working on instead! At times reversing the roles and having the child do the teaching can give an outside perspective and show them how to work through the problem or fix where they have gone wrong. This self-reflection can also help them see how to learn the method differently so they can apply it themselves the right way.


Inserting math vocabulary into everyday activities


Kids may feel overwhelmed at the idea of doing math and remembering the extensive terminology that comes with it, which isn’t uncommon. Discussing these terms with your child can simplify them. For example, bringing up percentages when there is a sale while shopping and asking about fractions when cutting slices.


Look for enrichment programs.


Enrolling your child in an Enrichment Program will keep them consistent, disciplined, and on track over the summer. At Kumon, we believe practice makes possibilities. This summer, help your child pick up where they left off and begin to practice through the Kumon Method. Not only will you see your child stay on track with math, but it will prepare them for the new school year ahead.


To find out more ways for your child to stay on track this summer, visit our blog.