How To Get Your Child Out of the “Summer Slump”

How To Get Your Child Out of the “Summer Slump”

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Preparing to get your child ready to head back to school can present its challenges such as the summer slump.

We’ve put together a few ways that you can get them all set to take on the new school year: 

Have a positive attitude.

Being a positive voice in your child’s life while they are preparing for school can make an enormous impact on their overall attitude. Limit the grief about summer ending and emphasize the excitement of the new school year!

For a lot of students, going back to school can elicit mixed emotions. Ask your child some questions to address any concerns they may have about this school year. Think about questions that will help you understand what is making them feel nervous, scared, or even excited. Talking to them about what they might be feeling will encourage them to feel prepared and confident about the upcoming school year.

Aside from vocalizing positivity, being positive can include making tasks and any preparation steps along the way exciting and fun! This can include getting to know who their new teachers will be, planning healthy but delicious lunch ideas, buying new school supplies that they need and like, and even letting them pick out a first-day outfit.

Prepare get out of summer slumps with a sleep routine for your child.

While enjoying their summer, it is common for a child to begin to wake up or fall asleep later than during the school year. The first week back to school can be the most exhausting, especially if the child has not adjusted back to their schedule. Start to prepare your child by enforcing a sleep schedule a week or two before the first day of school. This can slowly introduce your child back into the swing of things.

Reduce screen time for your child.

It is no secret that children are going to be attached to technology the most during the summer. This is why it is important to wean your child off the tablets and away from the screens to divert their attention, and focus, to their upcoming schoolwork. It can be done by limiting the amount of time on their electronics a day or putting a limit on how late they can be on their electronics each evening.

Look for enrichment programs to avoid summer slumps.

Enroll in an enrichment program that can offer educational and exciting ways to help your child learn. They are also a great way to exercise your child’s brain before they jump back into the school year.

Kumon is a math and reading program that works alongside schoolwork. The Kumon learning method is self-paced and based on repetition. It requires daily practice, but can optimize a child’s learning by making the lessons stick. It also can improve their confidence and time management skills which can help set them up for success in school.

Remember that preparing to go back to school is a process that takes time and can have its challenges. Work together with your child to have a positive attitude, prepare a sleep routine, reduce screen time. Adding in educational programs early will help to get them out of the summer slump. These are the types of changes need to have them ready for the new school year. To find out more ways to help your child get back to school ready, visit our blog.