How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child This Summer

How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child This Summer

Consistent reading can improve vocabulary and comprehension skills. Encourage the love for reading by incorporating these best practices with your child over the summer.
Mom and Daughter Reading a Book indoors with a flashlight

Reading over the summer is one of the easiest ways to combat summer learning loss. Children who don’t read at all, or even read infrequently during the summer, are bound to see their reading abilities stagnate or decline. Reading plays a pivotal role in developing valuable vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The great thing about reading is that books can be read anywhere. What better time than the summer for children to take advantage of the Kumon Recommended Reading List (RRL)?

Here are a few simple ways to encourage a love for reading this summer:

1. Set a good example.

Children do what they see. Try picking up a book and challenging other family members to do the same. Gather to discuss and you will notice that your child is willing to do the same. Incorporate family reading time into your morning routine — a time of day when most children are accustomed to learning activities.

2. Create a reading-friendly environment at home.

Having a designated area for reading is helpful and drives excitement. Try creating a reading corner with comfortable pillows and blankets with child-size bookshelves. Children who read four or more books over the summer fare better on reading comprehension tests in the fall.

3. Match books to their reading ability and interest.

Children should read books that match their ability and interests. These options may not necessarily correspond to their age or grade. The books on the RRL are listed according to difficulty, rather than age. Your child will likely be more engaged in books they choose for themselves.

4. Build excitement.

Make reading fun and interactive. Include activities like recreating a scene from the book or dressing up like a character. Or for more motivation, you may want to set up a Book Chart where you can add a sticker each time your child finishes a book.

The key to it all is to take the time to read, listen, and engage with your child while reading – That is the ultimate reward.

Ready to take advantage of our tips?

Check out a few of our suggestions from the Kumon Recommended Reading List (RRL).

Curious George Flies a Kite by Margaret Rey

Level A
Curious George’s adventures in this tale include losing a baby bunny, falling into the water while fishing and being carried up way above the earth by a kite. As always, the man with the yellow hat comes to the rescue.

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship by Arthur Ransome

Level D
The winner of the 1969 Caldecott Medal. When the Czar proclaims that he will marry his daughter to the man who brings him a flying ship, the Fool of the World sets out to try his luck and meets some unusual companions on the way.

Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright

Level F
A few hours after nine-year-old Garnet Linden finds a silver thimble in the dried-up riverbed, the rains come and end the long drought on the farm. The rains bring safety for the crops and the livestock, and money for Garnet’s father. Garnet can’t help feeling that the thimble is a magic talisman, for the summer proves to be interesting and exciting in so many different ways.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Level K
William Shakespeare’s most popular comedy portrays the adventures of four young lovers, a group of amateur actors and their interactions with woodland fairies and a duke and duchess. Taking place in a mythical Athens and an enchanted forest, there is a handsome fairy king, a misguided parent, star-crossed lovers, a weaver who’s transformed into a half-donkey, wood spirit and elves. This work is widely performed in theaters around the world.