What is the Kumon Recommended Reading List and Why is it Important?

What is the Kumon Recommended Reading List and Why is it Important?

Reading has always been a key part of the Kumon Program. Learn more about our Kumon Recommended Reading List.

weeeeeeeeeee“I believe that the ability to think is developed by reading books.”
– Toru Kumon


Reading has always been a core part of the Kumon Program. Toru Kumon was an avid reader and truly believed that reading was the key to developing independent self-learners. Reading also helps develop understanding and critical thinking skills, which can improve students’ performance in other subjects, including math.


Reading can also help broaden children’s world view, as Toru Kumon expressed.


“The reason I wanted my children to have early reading education was because once they were able to gain a broad knowledge of the world through reading books, classes like history and geography at junior and senior high school would become more than just rote learning. It was also my hope that they would grow to be people who would keep reading even after graduating from school.” Considering the importance Toru Kumon placed on reading books, it’s no surprise that the Recommended Reading List (RRL) is such a significant part of the Kumon Reading Program. The RRL supplements the worksheets in the Reading Program and helps students develop their reading ability more completely and efficiently.



What is the Kumon Recommended Reading List?

The Kumon Recommended Reading List contains 380 books designed to help students select material that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of the English language and develop a lifelong love for reading. The list covers a range of titles from read-aloud books to the classics.


How does Kumon choose books?

We select all the books based on factors such as subject matter, relevance to worksheet study focuses, likely appeal to students, use in high school and college, projected longevity, or recognition as literary classics. Many of the books on the RRL have won literary awards such as the Newbery and Caldecott medals, the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. The rich literature exposes children to history, the arts, science, and culture, and features diverse genres, writing styles and authors.


How does Kumon arrange books?

The books are divided by levels corresponding to the worksheet levels of the Kumon Reading Program. Like the Kumon Worksheets, we design the RRL so that each student can start reading books at a comfortable level and progress, step-by-step, to those that are more challenging.


A wide range of books for a wide range of readers!

The RRL contains something for everyone, featuring books aimed at younger readers as well as older, more mature readers. Not every book will be appropriate for every student, but everyone will find something to enjoy!


Reading books that match ability and interests exposes children to new worlds.

Check out the Kumon Recommended Reading List for age-, ability-, and interest-appropriate book selections.