Why is Dual Enrollment in Math and Reading Important?

Why is Dual Enrollment in Math and Reading Important?

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Being enrolled in both the math and reading programs is necessary to develop the whole child. The Kumon Math Program develops strong problem-solving and calculation skills from the four basic operations through algebra and to calculus. The Kumon Reading Program builds excellent reading ability from understanding basic sentences to critically reading advanced literary texts.


Key Takeaway:

Both skills learned through both programs are essential for long-term academic success. Having problem solving skills coupled with a high level of reading ability and calculation ability is a requirement to do well in school.


How Math and Reading Programs Enhances Each Other

Parents of Kumon Math students are encouraged to have their child study the Kumon Reading Program to ensure smooth progress at school. School math focuses on learning concepts through word problems and greatly accentuates the need for reading comprehension skills. To solve a math word problem, children need to be able to read the problem for comprehension, understand it conceptually, and then calculate it to find the right answer. Children have to interpret the meaning of the question and find the best approach to solving the problem.

How something is written can be just as difficult for a child as what the problem is mathematically asking of the child.

The Kumon Reading Program develops excellent reading ability in students through practice in carefully reading the instructions, finding information from the passage, and analyzing the question to understand how to solve the problem. Regular exposure to reading a wide variety of passages will develop comprehension skill and, in turn, will help children with math as well. We recommend the reading program not just for the math benefits, but also for the literacy and character development benefits. Reading books and building language skills are essential for children in their consideration of the type of life they want to live.