This Student Tackles Every Challenge that Comes His Way Easily

This Student Tackles Every Challenge that Comes His Way Easily

Aryan Kumar

Aryan, 9-years-old, Level I


“What I like most about Kumon is that it helps you get above your grade level, so you can be prepared for what is coming up in school. So once you do it, it’s as easy as eating cake.”—Aryan


Aryan enrolled in Kumon at four-years-old and now at the age of nine, is studying algebraic concepts. His mom wanted to make sure she exposed him to as many different activities during such a formative time in his life.

Aryan loves soccer. So much so, he hopes to be a professional soccer player someday. On top of that, he plays the drums with the “School of Rock”, participates on his swim team, is ranked in the top 1% in his school’s Math Olympiad and plays squash with his father.

How does he not only have time for all of his extracurricular activities, but also excel at everything he does? Aryan credits Kumon for teaching him time management and perseverance. He puts his heart into every single activity and challenge that he faces.

How has Kumon helped you beyond academics?

I have learned to respect time. I am able to manage and finish things on time. I have also realized that if I keep trying and don’t give up, I will get it. I can make mistakes and learn from them and become quick. We learned in school about perseverance and Kumon also teaches the same. It also taught me confidence when I have to face something new. I am not scared to face challenges. Nothing scares me anymore.

What keeps you motivated in Kumon?

Kumon makes me want to challenge myself and always learn more. My dad asks me [math] questions in the car and I am able to do those in my head, which makes me think I have to keep doing Kumon. I am always curious to move forward and I feel confident in school when I already know what they are teaching. Since I have already done the work at Kumon, it’s interesting to learn other ways of doing the same thing. I like that I don’t fear challenges anymore. Kumon pumps me up to learn new stuff.

 “If you don’t persevere through the hard questions, you are never going to make it to the next level.”—Aryan