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How to Encourage Your Preschooler’s Brain Development

Any parent of a teenager can tell you a thing or two about
growth spurts. But did you know that your preschooler may be going through a
growth spurt of their own? They may not be getting much taller just yet, but
you can bet that their brain is growing

Young girl wearing a yellow cardigan and properly holding a pencil working on homework

Developing Fine Motor Skills: How Kumon Helps Strengthen your Child’s Handwriting Skills

As your child grows and learns, you will witness them hit many significant developmental milestones in their early years. One of those significant milestones is the development of their fine motor skills. These skills in particular involve the function of tiny muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb. Fine motor skills will

Two young boys, one taller than the other, wearing backpacks standing in front of the steps to the red door that leads to their school entrance

Is your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Sending your
child off to kindergarten can be scary. For many, kindergarten is the first
step in a child’s formal education. Even students who have attended preschool
may not be used to a structured academic setting. The step up can be daunting. So
how do you know if your child

Children coloring in the classroom

4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers Develop Important Handwriting Skills

As we watch three-year-olds easily navigate iPads and teens communicate primarily through smart phones, it’s easy to question the value of handwriting in today’s society. While it may not seem as important as it used to be, research indicates that handwriting positively influences reading, writing, language and critical thinking. Without overcomplicating things, the brain just