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Instill a love for learning in your child through the Kumon Program.

Giving Your Children a Head-Start with Kumon

As previously discussed in the Help Your Children Become Self-Learners blog post, the Kumon Method not only aims to help children improve their math and reading skills, but it helps them learn how to learn. In doing so, the Kumon Program presents parents with an excellent opportunity to help their children develop necessary skills for


What Skills Do Your Children Need in Kindergarten?

Preparing your preschooler for kindergarten is a huge responsibility. The first step is to begin researching schools in your local area. Although many schools accept students based on age, your children’s readiness for kindergarten depends on the level of social, perceptual, motor, and language development expected by the teacher. Some of those skills include the


7 Fun Ways to Grocery Shop with Your Children

Grocery shopping is a great way for your children to practice and improve their math and reading skills from reading shopping lists to weighing the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Next time you need to shop for your groceries, be sure to try one of these fun activities with your children.

You might


The Benefits of Toddler Reading

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your toddler is to make books and reading an integral part of their lives. By introducing your children to reading at an early age, you empower them to become enthusiastic readers. This is done by setting the foundation for independent reading and helping foster a