Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

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Just 30 minutes per day can build a lifetime of advantages.

Don’t blink. Time is flying by. Your child is growing up fast! You can hardly believe it’s time to start thinking about kindergarten readiness, and you’re wondering what you can do to help your child have the best possible kindergarten experience.


For many children, kindergarten is the start of a formal education. Even if your child attended preschool, the transition is big. Kumon can help prepare your child in so many ways. While we offer both math and reading, there are many more benefits to our program, especially when your child starts our program at a young age.


Benefits of Early Learning


Get a Head Start with Foundational Learning


By participating in Kumon’s Math and Reading Program, your child will build a solid academic foundation. Children can start Kumon as early as age 3. In math, children start counting objects and learning number sequence even before learning to write numbers, which provides a strong foundation for learning basic addition and subtraction. In reading, Kumon starts beginners with “look, listen and repeat” exercises. Students begin learning through connecting colorful illustrations to familiar objects. Through practice, children develop a foundation of vocabulary, memory and phonemic awareness that will get them ready to read.


Gain Confidence and Independence


As most Kumon Parents can attest, you’ll be amazed at the confidence and independence your child develops as they learn to focus and work self-sufficiently. Our worksheets provide examples of how to solve each problem, enabling students to learn new concepts on their own. Step by logical step, students steadily build a grasp on reading and math fundamentals, which prepares them to work independently and without having to wait for a teacher’s help. Some teachers and parents feel that confidence and independence at this young age are nearly as important as foundational learning.


Master the Basics


When a child thoroughly understands the basics, you’ll find that progress comes more easily and with less of a need for tutoring later in your child’s education. The examples on the Kumon worksheets are designed so students can not only learn to complete a worksheet on their own but also to master the skills involved. An assignment is complete when your child can achieve 100% within a recommended time frame. Once your child masters that particular skill, they are ready for the next step.


So, imagine your child heading off to kindergarten with more academic preparation than you thought possible, as well as the advantages that come with readiness. Through practice, Kumon gives your child a head start in developing fine motor skills and valuable study habits, like organization and time management, which will help them prepare for kindergarten. With early success in school, a child’s world really opens up. When kids have foundational learning in math and reading, they gain more time to pursue other interests. This is why Kumon is so much more than academics.


We’ve all heard the expression, “Practice makes perfect.” But at Kumon Learning Centers, we believe, “Practice makes possibilities.” Early mastery of basic math and reading skills open all sorts of possibilities for the future. Kindergarten readiness is only the beginning.