Kindergarten Prep Activities to Prepare Your Child This Summer

Kindergarten Prep Activities to Prepare Your Child This Summer

Preschoolers can confidently transition to kindergarten this fall by preparing for the school year over the summer. There are a variety of summer activities to involve your child in to give him or her a solid foundation and the confidence to learn new material. But where do you start? Let’s break down some skills that should be introduced during their summer kindergarten prep.

Fine Motor Skills 

There are a variety of fine motor skills that children are expected to learn before entering kindergarten. Some of these skills are:

  • Hold and use pencil or crayon correctly 
  • Hold and use scissors, glue sticks, etc. appropriately
  • Write first and last name

To help your child prepare, start incorporating small tasks into your routine which could include:

  • Writing their first and last name on paper or different materials
  • Crafts that involve cutting out shapes/items and gluing
  • Coloring in pages of coloring books 
  • Drawing a self-portrait and coloring it in 
  • Using Kumon’s free printable activity sheets 

By implementing these your child will build their handwriting skills, skills that the Kumon Math and Reading Program can help develop even further. Focusing on handwriting is important because developing these skills at an early age is a critical building block for reading, writing, and communication. Kumon allows early learners enrolled in either the Math or Reading Program to develop proper pencil skills with Kumon’s Level Z. Learn more about how Level Z aims and builds fine motor skills.  

Reading Skills 

In addition to fine motor skills such as writing, there are reading skills that are beneficial for children to know when they enter kindergarten. Some of these skills include:

  • Recite the alphabet  
  • Recognize sight words 
  • Identify letter sounds when reading 

One way to build reading skills to prepare for kindergarten is to add reading into your child’s daily routine. Follow these tips to encourage your early learner to read more on their own: Read short simple books

The Kumon Reading Program allows children to build their pre-reading skills before they learn to read. For example, by pointing and repeating after an assistant, they learn that we read books from left to right and from top to bottom. As they progress, they learn letter sounds, then letter combinations, building their phonemic awareness. Learn more about the Kumon Reading Program and how to get started

Math Skills 

Having a solid foundation of math skills as a new kindergartner can set them up for success. Below is a list of math skills that are a great starting point for a kindergartner to build from.

  • Recognize numbers 1 – 10  
  • Count from 1 – 10 without skipping any 
  • Count objects one at a time 
  • Sort similar items
  • Identify and draw shapes 

Teaching math to early learners can start simple. Here are some activities to include in your routine throughout the summer:  

  • Play simple card games to understand numbers and groupings 
  • Count objects in nature 
  • Sort and understand groupings with toys, while cleaning up, or even everyday items. 
  • Identify shapes that you see when out and about 

Adding in the Kumon Math Program to your child’s routine is one of the best ways to ensure they have solid foundational skills. In the Kumon Math Program, early learners begin to recognize numbers and learn to count. A child might start by learning numbers up to ten, counting along with an assistant. More advanced students may fill in missing numbers in a number line, developing number sense. Where the child begins will depend on their specific abilities. Learn more about the Kumon Math Program and how to get started

By incorporating simple yet effective activities into your summer routine, your child will be prepared to take on the new school year. Adding Kumon will help them develop a solid foundation while building their confidence and independence which will set them up for a successful start to their academics.  

Interested in enrolling your early learner in the Kumon Math and Reading Program? Find a local Kumon Center near you today to get started!