Kumon Offers In-Class and Virtual Learning Opportunities

Kumon Offers In-Class and Virtual Learning Opportunities

Back-to-school season may look a little different, but no matter how your children learn this year—whether at home or in a classroom—Kumon is here to help. As students across the country adjust to the new normal of socially distanced learning, parents have rising concerns of what that means for their children’s education.

Whether you are looking for in-class sessions or virtual learning opportunities, Kumon can help ensure that your children fill any gaps in their learning. Our supplemental program will provide the structure that your children need and will ensure that they keep advancing their math, reading, and writing skills.

It is important to know that Kumon is not your typical tutoring service. Kumon supplements what children are learning at school while actively developing their critical thinking skills. Children progress independently through a carefully crafted math and reading curriculum that is individualized for their needs.

How is Kumon Different than Tutoring?

Kumon is unlike any other academic program because you won’t find passive instruction from teachers or tutors and because your kids will never find that the pace is too fast or too slow. That’s because in Kumon the Instructor designs an individualized worksheet lesson plan and kids work at their own pace to complete each worksheet. As they progress through the levels of the program, kids not only gain the solid grasp of math and reading needed to excel academically, the worksheets help them develop the critical skill of self-learning—the ability to figure things out on their own.

What does the Kumon Math Program Cover?

From counting to calculus and beyond, the Kumon Math Program enables students to progress all the way up through high school level math. Our individualized worksheet lesson plan allows students to develop valuable math skills, such as mental calculation and how to calculate quickly and accurately. The Kumon Math Program keeps kids advancing and never limits their learning. Many Kumon Students who start a bit behind not only catch up, but advance to studying material ahead of their grade level. Topics covered in the program include: counting and number sequencing, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, order of operations, positive and negative numbers, solving equations, graphs, algebraic expressions, linear equations, inequalities, functions, quadratic equations, trigonometry and logarithms, calculus, and probability and statistics.

What does the Kumon Reading Program Cover?

The Kumon Reading Program is designed to build the critical reading skills that help children develop a lifelong love of reading—and a solid foundation for academic success. From fairy tales to Shakespeare, the Kumon Reading Program will take your child from learning letter sounds to reading high school-level literary texts. The goal of the program is to help all children cultivate a high level of reading ability, regardless of age or school grade. The worksheets in the Kumon Reading Program contain excerpts of material written by award-winning authors including T.S. Eliot and John Steinbeck. Topics covered throughout the program include: pre-reading skills, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, sentence building, understanding paragraphs, reading comprehension, summary, interpretation and critical reading.

No matter what learning looks like this fall, Kumon is committed to ensuring children take on the new school year with confidence. Visit Kumon.com/locations to find your local Kumon Center.