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This Student Learned the Power of a Routine with Kumon

Soccer practice at 3p.m., violin lessons at 4:30p.m., Spanish class at 6p.m. Does this schedule seem familiar? Children today have a reputation for being overbooked, with some parents even facing criticism for putting their kids in too many activities. Is there a point when extracurricular activities become too much?

Kailaash thought that point came

Reyshum and Naveen with paint on their hands

How These Sisters’ Contrasting Perspectives Have Led to Success in Kumon

Sisters Reyshum and Naveen are complete opposites. Reyshum prefers long hair, but Naveen keeps hers short. Reyshum enjoys the challenge of competitive swimming, while Naveen enjoys the freedom of hip hop dancing. Reyshum loves Kumon, but Naveen dislikes having to do worksheets every day. Despite their differences, they both agree on one thing—Kumon works.

Inara in the woods

How Setting Long-Term Goals Led One Kumon Student to Big Achievements

Waiting has become nearly obsolete in today’s connected world. Gone are the days of bringing your film to the store to get developed. Even the satisfying shake of a Polaroid would feel like forever compared to the instant gratification of a cell phone selfie. When you can receive an immediate answer to a burning question simply

Glenn with family doing Kumon

Father of Second Generation Kumon Students Talks about Motivation and Self-Learning

Kumon isn’t easy. Trust us, we know. Even with the just-right level of study, children experience ups-and-downs as they are encouraged to think critically and independently.

We also know that it’s not always easy explaining the big picture to your children and helping them understand how Kumon will benefit them in the long-run. With