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Goal Setting

Ring in the New Year with Kumon’s Goal Setting Tips Roundup

A radiant ball lit by 32,256 LED lamps descends 141 feet in 60 seconds, while an entire country reflects on a year of memories and celebrates the opportunities that lie ahead. We are talking about New Year’s Eve of course—and there’s nothing more rejuvenating than ringing in the New Year! Take advantage of the feeling

Mother reading with her daughter

Why Advancing During the Holidays is Important

It’s official! We’re approaching the thick of the holiday season – otherwise known as the most wonderful time of year for many adults and children alike. As millions nationwide buckle up for travel to visit family and friends near and far, there are a few things all parents should keep in mind when it comes

Girl reading outside

Four Easy Ways to Make Summer Break Fun and Educational

Playgrounds may not be the only place your kids experience a “slide” this summer. While a break from the mental taxation of school is needed, studies show most kids lose two and a half months of their math computational skills between school grades. The same loss can happen in reading during the long school break.

Maritza with student

What is the Kumon Method?

The Kumon Method instills in students the skills and mindset for learning new materials without being directly taught.
The Kumon Program is a home-based education system that aims to develop students’ academic ability and independence. Kumon materials incorporate methods for introducing new content in a way that enables students to learn without directly being taught