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Tips and tricks to improve study skills, the foundation for daily learning.

Celebrating Achievement at Various Levels

The feeling of accomplishment can be a powerful emotion. It causes our self-confidence to soar and motivates us to work even harder. Kumon students often experience the same feeling when they successfully learn a new concept or pass an Achievement Test. Regardless of how big or small, each achievement is an opportunity for you to


Interview with Author Debbie Stier

We had the opportunity to speak with Debbie Stier, author of The Perfect Score Project, which chronicles her quest to motivate her teenage son to do well on the SAT. Over the course of one year, this journey led Debbie to take the SAT seven times while discovering tips to ace the exam along the


Parents Ask, Kumon Answers Your Questions about the Kumon Program

For more than 50 years, the Kumon Program has helped students from around the world achieve lasting success. From counting to calculus and from fairy tales to Shakespeare, the Kumon Program equips students with the skills to tackle future endeavors as they strive to achieve their goals.  If you are new to the Kumon Program


Persevering To Reach ASHR in Kumon

The Kumon program believes that every child has the potential to succeed.  ASHR is Kumon’s Advanced Student Honor Roll which acknowledges students currently working on Kumon assignments that are above their current grade level. We aim for all students to study at advanced levels. At this level of achievement, students begin to realize they are