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Tips and tricks to improve study skills, the foundation for daily learning.

Building Confidence Through Kumon Study

All parents want their children to become happy and confident adults. When children lack self-confidence, it’s usually because they are focusing on areas they don’t believe they are strong in. This can lead to quitting at the first sign of difficulty or not making an effort at all.
The act of achieving something, no matter


Cultivating Your Child’s Love of Learning with Kumon

Instilling a life-long love of learning in children is one of the goals of the Kumon Program. Studies have shown that students who enjoy learning at an early age are more likely to enjoy—and continue—learning beyond high school and college. Through step-by-step learning and individualized instruction, the structure of the Kumon Program encourages students to


Building Critical Skills with the Kumon Program

Learning from Kumon Worksheets
In the Kumon Math Program, students begin developing basic skills and the proper learning attitude. As they progress, their math ability improves, allowing them to complete problems quickly and accurately. New content is introduced using example problems in order to nurture each student’s self-learning ability. In the Kumon Reading Program, students


Fostering Academically Advanced Students in Kumon

While students who are struggling academically tend to receive more help in school, children with stronger academic abilities may not be reaching their full potential. “High-Achieving Students in the Era of No Child Left Behind,” a study from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, showed that 80% of teachers are more likely to provide one-on-one help