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Learn how your child can improve their math skills by using these simple and useful tips.

Practical Math: How To Use Math Every Day With Your Children

Have your children ever wondered why they need to learn algebra, geometry, or even basic arithmetic? The answer is simple. Math is one of the many skills that people from around the world use every day. Whether it’s calculating how much interest their savings account can accumulate over a period of time or how to


6 Ways to Use Candy for Fun Math Games – Valentine’s Day Edition

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Love is in the air
With some math fun too!
These fun activities for Valentine’s Day will be sure to foster the flames of a love for learning math among your children.

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Using Monopoly to Practice Math and Reading Skills

In celebration of Monopoly’s 78th Anniversary and the launch of its new Monopoly piece, the Cat, we wanted to highlight all of the ways this classic board game can help your children practice their reading and math skills.

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7 Measurement Activities to Do With Your Children

Whether your children realize it or not, measurement, and the ability to measure, is a math skill used every day. It may be something as simple as checking the weather or time, or something more complex like figuring out how long it will take for a school of fish to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.