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Math Tips 

Learn how your child can improve their math skills by using these simple and useful tips.

Four Games To Boost Your Children’s Math And Reading Skills On The Playground

Did you know that playing games like Scrabble and Monopoly can help your children practice their math and reading skills? It’s true; the math, reading, and critical thinking skills these games reinforce help your children learn. But what about playground games like hopscotch, jacks, or jump rope? In addition to exercising their bodies, these games


Practicing Math Outside of School

Your family uses math every single day. Perhaps it’s in the morning when measuring pancake mix or in the evening when counting the number of forks to set the table for dinner. So, why limit your children’s math practice to inside the classroom? By allowing your children to learn and study their math facts at


Preparing Your Child for College Math

According to a new study from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, fewer than 25% of high school students have studied the challenging topics required to prepare for college-level mathematics. In a similar study by ACT, less than 50% of high students who took that ACT for college admissions would have received a C or


Learning to Love Math

Nurturing your children to develop an appreciation of math can be a challenge; however, encouraging them to think about numbers every day may come a bit easier. It’s also a great way to lay the foundation for a love of learning math.

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