What Motivates Your Child: Discover Using This Goal Setting Worksheet

What Motivates Your Child: Discover Using This Goal Setting Worksheet

As a parent, it’s important to always encourage your children to always try their best and to strive for more. One of the ways you can help to foster this motivation is through goal setting. By starting to set goals at an early age with children, it not only builds their confidence, but also helps them focus on reaching their goals – whether they are big or small. So, as a parent, it’s important to consider what motivates your child and use that knowledge to encourage and support their goal-setting efforts.

Setting goals will also help pave the path to success both in and out of the classroom. Tracking those goals can be just as important for your child because it will teach them skills like planning, time management, and accountability. By teaching children to take small steps towards their goals, it ultimately builds their confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment. This keeps your child motivated to move forward even when facing a challenge. Whether a student advances to completing ten worksheets a day or even reaches a major milestone like becoming a Kumon Math Program completer, their confidence will soar, and they will feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

At the beginning of the year, we created a Step-by-Step to Setting Goals with your Child for the New Year. Now, it’s time to put your skills to the test and have your child put their goals on paper! We created a goal sheet that can be used year-round to keep your child on pace to reaching their goals.

Remember to keep the following things in mind when helping your child complete their goal sheet:

  1. Have a discussion as a family to learn more about your child’s ideas.
  2. Ask your child specific questions.
  3. Break down their answers into actionable steps.
  4. Help your child create the list on paper.
  5. Hang up the goal sheet somewhere it’s seen daily.
  6. Revise, add, or remove items as needed.
  7. Recognize and reflect on achievements.

Click the image below to download and print.

Once your child filled out their goal setting sheet, be sure to tag us!

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