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National Siblings Day – Kumon at Home

Younger siblings often look up to their older brothers and sisters. They try to copy their every move – whether that means playing the same sport, wearing the same clothes, or doing the same Kumon Worksheets. Yes, you read that right. Younger siblings often try to compete to do the same work as their older siblings, even when they’re levels behind! Sibling dynamics are always interesting, but now that many kids are home together 24/7, things have changed a lot.

In honor of National Siblings Day, we asked two Kumon Moms to share how their kids are adjusting to their new Kumon-at-home situation. Here’s what they shared.

Kendra, Mom of Samantha, age 7 and Victoria, age 5

Kendra’s kids both enrolled in Kumon when they were 4 years old. Now that both siblings are in Kumon, things are a bit easier, because Samantha used to wonder why she had to do work and her younger sister didn’t. The sisters like to do their work at the same time, racing to see who can finish first. Sometimes, Samantha even tries to “instruct” her younger sister, making sure she does her worksheets the right way!

The switch to at-home work was an easy one for the two girls, both for Kumon and regular school. While their classmates found the switch to distance learning challenging, Samantha and Victoria were already used to doing work at home thanks to Kumon.

Finishing their Kumon is also a bit easier now, because they’re able to do their work earlier in the day when they’re not as tired. Other than that, their routine hasn’t changed too much. Their twice-weekly class sessions have been replaced with Zoom meetings with their Instructor. They look forward to getting to see their Instructor on those days, and it has helped to keep them on track.

Jennie, Mom of Eli, age 5 and Sadie, age 3

Eli and Sadie have been enrolled in Kumon since September, and their journey hasn’t always been easy. When they do their worksheets together, they often compete, which sometimes means they aren’t paying as close attention to their work as they should. Even though they’re a couple years apart, they still have a sibling rivalry, and always want to see what the other sibling is working on.

Like Kendra, Jennie also thinks that the switch to at-home work has been helpful. As a full-time working mom, it can be difficult to fit everything into her kids’ schedule. Now, they look forward to their “Kumon Time,” when they get the chance to sit next to Jennie and do their work as she does hers. The extra time with mom makes doing their Kumon feel extra special.

Jennie adds, “It is honestly the best part of our routine now that we’re at home. It is a consistent thing that we have complete control over. They’re both in preschool but there is very little at-home work from their preschool, so it feels good to know that with Kumon every day they are continuing their education. We even call our Kumon Time, ‘time to make our brains grow,’ and when they complete their worksheets for the day, I ask them if they feel smarter, and the answer is (mostly) yes!”