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Learn how your child can improve their reading skills by using these simple and useful tips.

First grade student practicing their reading skills

Reading Milestones By Age: Challenges and Possibilities

Reading is one of the most important skills a child will learn during the early elementary years, and it impacts every subject in school. Strong readers often excel in other subjects, like math, science and history, because they built strong reading comprehension skills early in their learning. While every child learns to read at


Phonics Sounds Chart Practice for Kids

Kids often mispronounce words and sounds. It’s just part of the learning process. It takes lots of practice to master the English language. That’s why one of our veteran instructors, Tim Bertram, has put together a series of phonics practice resources like an printable alphabet phonics sounds chart to help kids iron out the


Why Dual Enrollment in The Kumon Math and Reading Program is Important

Dual enrollment means that Kumon Students are enrolled in both our Math and Reading program. The Kumon Math Program develops strong problem-solving and calculation skills from the four basic operations through algebra and calculus. The Kumon Reading Program builds excellent reading ability from understanding basic sentences to reading advanced literary texts.


Girl reading a book

Develop Your Child’s Reading Retention Skills

Children read a lot more than you may think. Every subject your child studies in school requires reading comprehension and retention. Whether it is math, history or science, reading retention is critical to success. Here are some ways you can help your child grow and develop solid reading-retention skills.