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Reading Tips 

Learn how your child can improve their reading skills by using these simple and useful tips.

What Skills Does Your Child Need to Develop Before Learning to Read?

As a parent, you already know how important reading is for
your child. Reading ability is a key factor in everything from kindergarten
readiness to solving word
problems in math class. But did you know that there are several factors
that impact a child’s ability to begin reading? Before your child can read

Celebrate "Read Across America Day"

Celebrate “Read Across America Day” with these Fun Activities

Every year at the beginning of March, children across the
country kick-off “National Reading Month” by celebrating the birthday of the
beloved Dr. Seuss and the many characters that have been immortalized in his
children’s books across the globe.

“The more

A mother sits in front of the fireplace with her two daughters wrapped in a blanket and reading a book

Stories for Snowy Days

For many of us, the winter season means cold weather. Wind, sleet, snow, ice—we can expect to deal with it all at some point.  Whether you enjoy sledding, snowshoeing, or simply building snowmen, there’s plenty of fun to have in the snow. However, there will also be times that you just want to stay warm

girls reading in front of a bookshelf

Ask the Expert: How Books Can Treat Growing Pains

Being a child is sometimes tough. As children develop emotionally, they sometimes face conflicts that we, as adults, have long forgotten. Overcoming insecurities, abandoning fears, and learning how to interact with peers often present challenges that children have a difficult time verbalizing and coping with on their own. Books can often be invaluable in assisting