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Summer Reading Series 

A student studies on her iPad outside on a patio chair during the summer

Keep the Progress Going! Avoid the Summer Slide

Summer break is almost here and while it might be enjoyable for students to cut loose from their academic routine, the impact a lack of studying over the summer break can make a difference in the coming year. 

The summer learning loss in students is real and can have a profound


Spark a Love for Literature with These Read-Aloud Tips

Reading aloud to your child is pivotal and is essential to cultivate a love for reading at an early age. We’ve provided 3 read-aloud tips to help spark a love for reading this summer.


How to Help Your Early Learner Become an Independent Reader

So you’ve created a reading-friendly
environment at home and have spent years reading aloud to your children—one
of the most important things you can do as a parent. And now, your little
learner is starting to read on his own. Children who are just beginning to read
feel an enormous sense of achievement when

A young girl reading to her sister on her lap

4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read for Fun

Parents play a huge role in raising
strong, confident and independent readers. Once children begin to read on their
own, it can seem easy to stop reading or discussing books with them. However, it’s
important to continue to talk about and recommend books as they get older.

Some children tend