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Tips for Packing Smart Foods for Lunch

School days can be long, that’s why it’s important to give your kids brain a boost at lunchtime!  Here are some tips to help pack healthy foods that can help boost your kids brain function and keep up their immune system throughout the day.

A Balanced Lunch Box

A balanced meal is a key way to getting all the nutrients needed for the school day that support brain function and focus. Student’s that eat healthy lunches filled with foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals are more likely to perform better than students whose diets are heavy in unhealthy foods – such as sweets and fried foods. [1]

In addition, as Covid-19 continues to linger and the common cold season begins, a balanced diet will play a big role in keeping a healthy immune system. Here are some examples of vitamin packed foods you can add to your child’s lunchbox:

Getting a variety of these foods and nutrients in your diet is essential. [2]Make sure to pack a variety of foods that fall into each macronutrient group (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins).

Sugar Consciousness

Studies show that sugar has a negative impact on academic performance, learning and memory [2]. While there are obvious sugary foods and snacks, there may be more than you know. More than two-thirds of all packaged foods contain added sweeteners. [3] Check nutrition labels to gage how much sugar your child is really consuming and make sure to portion the correct amount. In addition, if possible, pack homemade food over packaged food.

Pack What They Love

You pack your child the perfect lunch… but it comes home half-eaten. While it can be frustrating, it is important to keep your child’s food preferences in mind. Substitute foods with healthier alternatives can help keep your kids happy and healthy. For example, if your child loves ham and cheese sandwiches, substitute processed and sugary white bread with a whole-wheat wrap and add in some leafy greens for extra nutrients.

Emphasize the Importance of Water

Water keeps us hydrated and focused. The body uses water for many of its functions including, regulating the flow of oxygen in your blood and through your body. [4] The flow of oxygen increases energy levels and focus. Pack your child a refillable water bottle so they can drink and refill throughout the day.

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