4 Skills Your Child Will Develop to Excel In and Out of the Classroom

4 Skills Your Child Will Develop to Excel In and Out of the Classroom

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Let’s be honest. Parents are always looking at different options before deciding which is best for their children. Right now, you may be considering enrolling your kids in Kumon. Perhaps they need a little extra help in reading, or you want to get them ahead in math. One of the key value points that many parents appreciate about Kumon is the many intangible skills that their children develop throughout their time in the program. Kumon not only builds a solid foundation in math, reading and writing, but it also cultivates important work and study skills necessary to succeed in today’s world.

Here are four skills your child will develop at Kumon:

1. Focus and Concentration

The Kumon Program can help your child improve focus and concentration through daily practice. Your Kumon Instructor will identify the “just-right level” for your children, keeping students engaged and motivated. The Kumon learning materials are designed to build on a series of steps, encouraging self- learning.

2. Confidence

Kumon fosters confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning that can last a lifetime. The act of achieving something, no matter how big or small, gives children a sense of accomplishment. With each learning milestone, children develop a belief in their own abilities. With ongoing praise, recognition, rewards, and our curriculum, students can reach their maximum potential. 

3. Time Management

Because the worksheet-based program requires daily study, it can instill discipline, and time management skills in your children. Each subject, math or reading, requires about 30 minutes per day. Setting that time aside daily, can become a (positive) habit. Once the habit becomes second nature, confidence and independence naturally set in.

4. Independent Learning

The biggest difference between Kumon and your typical tutoring service is the style of learning. A tutor often sits with a child and explains how to solve a problem—making the student a passive learner. At Kumon, students develop strong self-learning skills through The Kumon Method. Kumon goes beyond tutoring by actively developing critical thinking skills as children progress independently through a carefully crafted math and reading curriculum. Each lesson is planned and individualized by the Center Instructor for your children. The worksheets are designed to provide examples of the problems to be solved. The student is challenged to follow the example, try to solve the problem on their own and only when they have tried, they can ask for “help”. They are learning by doing, not watching. With long term study, problem solving skills often become second nature for Kumon Students.

We invite you to browse through our Student Success Stories where you will find many examples of how the intangible skills acquired through Kumon Study can transcend to other areas of a child’s life.