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Back-To-School Series Tips 

What to Consider if You’re Thinking of Homeschooling Your Child

It was a familiar routine: in the weeks before school
started, you would go shopping for school supplies, help your kids pick out the
perfect new outfits, and give them a big wave and a smile as the school bus
picked them up on the first day of class. Year


Looking for Supplemental Learning for Your Kids? 5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in Kumon

In a typical year,
back-to-school season is highly anticipated for children and parents alike. The
excitement behind supply shopping, seeing old friends and making new ones, and
parents of course welcome the structure and routine for their kids! This year,
however, there is a lot of excitement and uncertainty with


Six Ways to Set Your Child Up for Remote Learning Success This School Year

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And no, we’re not
talking about the holiday season. For most parents, back-to-school time is
eagerly anticipated. This year, however, many parents across North America are
apprehensive about, and even dreading, back-to-school.

No one