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Back-To-School Series Tips 

5 Extracurricular Activities for Kids to Get Involved in This Fall

With the schoolyear in full swing, now is a great time to
consider extracurricular activities for kids to get involved in this fall.
These activities will not only help kids learn new skills; they may also
uncover a new passion! It helps to find activities that are enjoyable for your


Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style

Discovering your child’s learning style will help you understand how your child grasps, interprets, and processes information. Students are spending a lot of time learning at home and with your help, they can adjust to the style that works best for them.



Implementing an Effective Back-to-School Routine

Regardless of how
back-to-school looks like this fall, the most important part is how prepared
parents are to tackle it. With you in mind, we put together five steps to help
you and your child follow a daily routine this school year. Now more than ever,
it is imperative to


Alternative Learning: What Model is Right for you?

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Are you overwhelmed by all the new buzzwords that are popping
up about the new school year? How is homeschooling different from remote
learning? What exactly is a
learning pod anyway? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you’re