Defeat Summer Learning Loss by Climbing the Wall of Success

Defeat Summer Learning Loss by Climbing the Wall of Success

Wall of Success

As the end of the school year approaches, summer learning loss becomes a concern for parents and educators. Research says that a student can lose up to an average of two – three months’ worth of learning during summer break. That’s more than eighteen months of learning lost by sixth grade due to summer learning loss.

This summer, keep your child practicing their academics with the Kumon Program and climbing the wall of success. Here’s how the Kumon Program can help:

1. Breakthroughs

New and current Kumon Students complete their worksheets daily and at their own pace. They often have countless breakthroughs as they learn and practice new concepts. This helps combat summer learning loss because students are continually practicing their skills. With practice, this leads to advancing onto more challenging work which can often result in a variety of wins!

2. Wins

Learning a new concept from an example. Getting 100% on all worksheets assigned. Improving completion time. Increasing worksheet amount. Building stamina. Scoring high on an Achievement Test. Independently reading a book. Your child has countless opportunities for achievements as they work through the Kumon Program. Not only that, but what they accomplish can often impact their overall learning and help them develop skills that set them up for success in and out of the classroom.

3. Confidence

Confidence unfolds when students practice and achieve new goals. Practice leads to growth. When it comes to learning, practice is a fundamental component to grasp a concept, apply knowledge and build from it. This develops confidence because students learn to work through materials on their own and see what they’re capable of accomplishing.

4. Independence

Seeing what one can achieve on their own with hard work helps to build independence. The Kumon Program allows students to learn from examples, practice, achieve new goals and in turn build confidence to tackle any challenge. This ultimately leads to a stronger sense of being about learn and apply knowledge which is a skill that’s critical for success.

5. Mastery

Top artists, athletes and scholars — none achieves mastery without practice. In Kumon, students practice math and reading every day so they can master the foundation skills. This mastery helps them excel in other classes and even frees up time for them to add in more activities that they love.

At Kumon, we believe practice makes possibilities. This summer, help your child defeat summer learning loss with continued practice in the Kumon Program. Not only will you see your child grow and continue achieving success academically, but it will prepare them for the new school year ahead.