Learning without Limits: This 6th Grader is Taking College Courses

Learning without Limits: This 6th Grader is Taking College Courses


Luca, 12-years-old, Level J

One of the founding principles of the Kumon Method is to instill a love of learning in youth. Kumon did just that for Luca. At 12-years-old, he’s enrolled in college courses at his local community college. That’s on top of his regular schoolwork, coding courses and his Kumon assignments.

“Each class, I walk out with new excitement and joy,” says Luca.

Luca’s love for learning matches his zest for life. Between reading a book a day, to United States Tennis Association matches, to boy scouts, Luca leads a very exciting and busy childhood.

He gives us a little insight into his Kumon journey.

How has the math program helped you beyond academics?

Kumon has taught me to see repetition as an academic achievement rather than a barrier. I know that each individual worksheet is helping me master my skills. This not only helps me in math, but in many other ways, like in tennis and boy scouts, where I repeat many skills at a high level each time. I can definitely see how repetition helps me master everything I do.

What keeps you motivated in your math program?

I have always liked math, but what is great in Kumon is that I’m always able to motivate myself at the thought of knowing there is another level with even harder math. Every day, I think about how there is a Level X [elective Kumon Math level] and after that, I will go wherever I want. I could be a scientist, physicist, engineer, etc. Kumon can get you anywhere and that is what I have always wanted.


“What I like most about Kumon is being challenged every day.”-Luca

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